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Motion detector led wall light    
     Product Desc ription
     The Lightmates motion activated battery operated LED wall sconce provides an ideal solution for accent and pathway lighting where wiring is difficult or too expensive to justify. The brushed aluminum decor frame and elegant design matches any decor. The LED light operates in low light and turns on when motion is detected and turns off automatically when no motion is detected for 30 seconds. Package includes 2 wall sconces, 8 AA batteries, 4 squares of 3M double sided tape, 4 plastic expansion screws, 4 self-tapping screws, and 4 self-tapping screws. The sconces can be mounted tool-free with just the 3M double sided mounting tape, or screws and anchors can be used. Motion Sensor Range: Max 16.4ft / 5m Detection Angle: Approx 100 degrees. Intended for indoor and dry location use only. LED bulbs are non-replaceable.
     The Lightmates Motion Activated LED WALL SCONCE is easy to install and no tools are required. Utilizing high-efficiency LED bulbs that can last up to 100,000 hours, these WALL SCONCE are ultra-light and can be placed nearly anywhere with the included adhesive tape. Each puck light runs on 4 "AA" batteries. This WALL SCONCE can be used under Hallways, Stairways, Bedroom, Laundry Rooms, Kitchen, Garage, Accent Lighting, and many more places wherever you feel etc. A very useful replacement in during power cut off.
     Product Features
     •Operates in low light
     •Elegant Design- Goes with any decor
     •LED's last up to 100,000 hours
     •Easy to Install
     •Energy Efficient
     •Polished Steel Finishing
     •3-5 Meters Lighing area
     •Wall Mounted Installation
     •ABS Material
     •0.7W POWER
     •150 X 110 X 45MM SIZES
     Motion Activated:
     • Turns on when motion is detected and turns off after 30 seconds
     • Motion Sensor Range- 16.4ft
     • Detection Angle- Approx. 100 degrees
     •Dusk Till Dawn Motion Activation- Works from sundown till sun up
     •Dual Power Settings- High and low
     •Brushed Aluminum Frame
     •No Wiring Required
     •Wall Sconce Uses 4AA Batteries (Not Included)